Saturday, April 26, 2014

HAPPY EASTER & Zekey turns 3

Happy Easter!!!

We woke up to great excitement over the realization that today was the day Jesus rose from the dead and Zekey was born! :)  Isaiah worked hard on this special birthday crown for our newly 3 year old!
Everyone was happy to pose for pictures....thank you for making Mommy so stinkin' happy!
Big Boy!
Elijah is so loved at Venture!
The birthday boy and his brother rule the nursery!
Teething on Miss Gwen!
The woman who literally brought Elijah into this world....we LOVE our midwife, Rachel!
Awesome friends and partners in ministry!
Our amazing Hawkins family!
New to Venture, but completely apart of the family...the Brodes!
Getting ready for our Easter picture....and, of course, photo bombers!
Ury and Elijah didn't understand what, "Say cheese!" meant!
Zekey's Easter birthday celebration!
A Knight's castle for our little knight!
He loves his baths!

A post-Easter mowhawk!
Moriah woke up with a fever Monday morning....Mommy enjoyed some down time with the princess!
Ury took a selfie!
My 3 Sons
"Mommy, look at me stand up!" Oh dear!
Egg Coloring a few days late

What a blessed week! 

So thankful for Jesus and what He did for us....and, so thankful He gave us sweet Ezekiel Thomas, living up to his name, "God is my strength!"

 Tomorrow we look forward to Lola's arrival!

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