Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Week in Pictures

On our way home tonight from cousin's birthday party in Pittsburgh, I started lamenting/ crying about how often I forget the cute things the kids do and the great memories we make.  So, here is my attempt to chronicle the memories of our sweet, chaotic, messy, beautiful life in Ohio.    

Here are some pictures from this side of heaven...

Thankful for a cancelled field trip and a rainy day....every bin of clothes organized and able to shut!  Whew!

Look how nice the basement guest area looks now minus the piles of clothes

Still waiting on the butterflies to emerge

Pizza, Sherbet, and Oreos=happy eaters

My attempt to read more of the Word

My garage sale find...a great fort building aid

Creative messiness

Ury is our quiet adventurer...never bored

Yet another fort

I finally made picture labels for all of Moriah's toy drawers

We enjoyed seeing Tarzan at Boardman High School....Broadway here we come?

Elijah is still quite the superstar around here

After all of the sunshine, warmth, and outdoor play this week, bath time came on more than just on Saturday 

Moriah loves visiting Daddy's office in the basement 

Moriah got stung by an irritated Honey Bee who left his stinger

Our baby slept six hours one night this week....he hasn't done it since :)

Praise God from whom all bessings grateful that tomorrow we begin again!  

His mercies are new every morning...

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