Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Holy Week in Pictures!

What a blessed week...

Went to see The Easter Story at Highway Tabernacle Church....we walked all the way to the car afterwards to go home and Moriah started crying, "I wanted to meet Jesus!"  So we went back in for a photo shoot with Jesus!  What a blessed way to start Holy Week!
Zeke was excited and a little hesitant to meet the Roman soldier (dolder)!

This year to save money on the egg hunt, our church made their own t-shirts.  This was Elijah's!

Isaiah who loves World Geography made his eggs into flags!

Mommy did, too!

Moriah's beautiful rainbow colored eggs!
For Ury from Moriah...including Jesus on the cross!

Zeke's shirt...he loves to color!

Nate's college football shirt!

A fun family event!
Moriah played all day with Olivia who was on Spring Break
Zeke loves to color...he brought this picture to me and said, "I want to make a rocket ship for Lola and Poppy!"
After completing her 4-month long chore chart, Moriah got to pick out a new toy.  She chose a Doc McStuffins doctor's kit!
Isaiah the Veterinarian  
Zeke's patient was Frosty the Snowman
Daddy needs a lot of care!
After a long day of playing with friends!
Totally exhausted!
Ury loves everyone's shoes!
We welcomed the butterflies!
The sun porch became a butterfly house!

The kids loved having the butterflies land on them

Hours of entertainment
Look who rolled over....
again and again!
Isaiah read by candlelight this year for the Tenebrae Service...Moriah memorized a passage and said it aloud in the dark
Zeke and I tried to take a selfie of our coordinating outfits
Happy 3rd birthday, Zeke...a few days early!
Cupcakes with our friends!
Our little boy is getting so big!
Elijah and Megan
Ury didn't leave Abbie's side!
Ury was a little hesitant of the Chick-fil-a cow
Elijah and Andy
Zeke really got into the egg hunt this year
He wanted to help Ury, too

Isaiah and Jonah
My Christmas Cactus finally bloomed...first time in...forever!!
Our beautiful girl...looking a little sleepy!

What a full, wonderful week with friends and our sweet family.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday...and Zeke's birthday!
So thankful for the hope on the horizon.
We can rejoice because He lives! 

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