Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Promise for Another Year

"I will certainly be with you." Exodus 3:12

      It was 2 weeks before we were to start homeschooling again and dread overwhelmed me. Why? Because Isaiah didn't want to homeschool. It was painful to think of another year of trying to convince him that this is what we were called to right now, the best thing for our family.  I met with a friend and she told me about a new grant that enables low income families to go to private school. Perfect! Perhaps this was my answer...Isaiah could go to Heartland Christian School. I was sad that this may be God's answer because I would miss the time with him, but wanted the best for the kids. So, I began the application process. I had an unsettling feeling the entire time. When I stopped to hear from the Lord on the issue, I could hear Him saying, "Heather, I've told you to homeschool, given you the curriculum, answered your fears, and you're still not obeying." Ouch! "Okay, Lord, I'll listen, but could you do one more thing for me...one more fleece? (Gideon did it and he was called a mighty warrior) Could you convince Isaiah? I really don't want another year of stressing over his unenjoyment." At that moment, I just decided to rest in the decision to homeschool. After all, He kept giving me the promise that He would teach my children. So, rest I did. God would guide.
      Saturday night on the drive home from camp I got a text from Kathryn, a friend who has a son Isaiah's age.  The two of them are best buds.  The text read, "I want to talk to you about homeschooling." I said jokingly to Nate, "Haha, she's going to ask me to homeschool Jonah." I knew this was the farthest thing from her mind because I had four kids and I was pregnant with #5. But sure enough Sunday morning while I was explaining about the different curriculums she said, "no, I thought maybe you could homeschool Jonah while I watch the babies." Haha! I felt a peace immediately....a crazy, chaotic peace if thats's possible, but peace. I knew it was a little crazy, but I also knew Isaiah would be so excited to homeschool with Jonah.  I would pray about it, but I knew immediately that this was from God.  This was His answer.
   We are currently in week three of homeschooling and there have not been two days that have looked the same, but our kids are happy and they're learning!  School is going better than ever. We have the best of both worlds...flexibility, freedom, and family time...fun and friends.

Thank you, God, for always coming through for our family, calming my fears, taking us on unimaginable ventures, and giving Your sweet rest and peace.  You are so amazing!

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