Thursday, July 4, 2013

The B-I-B-L-E Yes That's the Book For Me!

Yesterday, after much bickering and breaking up fights I said to the kids, "We really need to sit down and read our Bible together.  We need to hear from the Lord!"  The sounds that followed ripped me to the core..."Awww!" "Do we have to?" "I don't like reading the Bible!"  I wanted to scream in anger about how they never seem to make those sounds when we sit down to watch a movie, but I didn't, I just started reading.  Zeke was the only one scrambling to get to my lap and hear the story.

Afterwards, I let the kids go play and I just sat in the Popasan chair feeling dejected, like a terrible mother.

"Lord, you promised to pour out your Spirit on my children!  What is happening?  I am failing you...failing them!  You have to do something"

I brought them all back into the sun room for a light lecture.  Haha...yeah, if that's possible!

"Guys, I have one main job as a mother and that is to teach you the Word of God.  See this Bible?  This is God's Word to you, what He wants you to know!  How will you know what He's saying to you unless you know what His Word says?  How will you be able to recognize the Holy Spirit's voice in your life unless you know the Word of God?  Mommy and Daddy are not always going to be here to boss you and tell you what to do, tell you right from wrong.  You will need to recognize the voice of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to be able to allow them to guide you!  The Bible says, 'How can a young person keep his/her way pure? By obeying His Word.'  How will you know what His Word says unless we read it together?  So, from now on, when I say everyday that we are going to read the Bible together, I don't want to hear any complaining! Got it? Okay!  I love you, now go play!"

It all didn't come out as eloquent as I would have liked, but I made a decision right then and there to not falter in having family devotions...ever!  They brush their teeth everyday, why not read their Bibles?  We have to get into a family habit, for the salvation of our children.  And, for my own sake, we can't wait until the last part of the day!  We have to do it first!

Later that night, I said to Isaiah, "I am going to read a fairy tale to Moriah, would you like to come in and listen or would you like me to read you your own book?"  "Mom, I really want you to read me the Bible!"  Haha "Is that because of our talk today?"  "No, it's just because I really love reading the Bible!"

After fairy tales, I read a couple of Bible stories to the kids...Moriah made me smile:

"Mom, do you know why I am listening so well to the Bible story?  Because I really love the Bible!"  Haha...

Somehow, purely by the Grace of God, the Holy Spirit reminded us all today of the importance of the Word of God in our lives.  It IS the way our kids (and us) will stay pure, it is life, peace, joy, salvation to our kids, to our family!!!

Thank you, God, for the realization today of the importance of Your Word.  Thank you that it is so easy to grab a Bible laying around the house in our own language!  Please give us all a passion to take Your Word out to others, too!        

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