Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Bike From Heaven

Last week my beautiful 4-year-old, Moriah, started riding a 2-wheel bike. She has been determined for a while to learn to ride this summer and last week after many bumps and bruises, she took off.  She also started pumping her own swing, too! is zooming by!

But, back to the was a warm & sunny spring day in 2013.  The kids were outside riding their bikes.  Moriah had more than outgrown her princess bike with training wheels.  I remember breathing these words to Jesus, "It would sure be wonderful for Moriah to learn to ride a bike this summer, but she needs a new bike.  We don't have the money for one.  A princess bike would be nice, too."  It was just a thought sent up to heaven to my Daddy who provides for all of our needs!  It wasn't an "official" prayer, but just a thought, believing in His time He would provide what Moriah needed.  It wasn't 5 minutes after that breath I heard Isaiah calling, "Mom! Mom!  There's a bike over here on the side of the shed.  It's a girl bike. A princess bike."  Sure enough, someone in our church family left a bike for Moriah.  Isaiah found it at exactly the moment that I asked for one.

I don't know what category this falls into in my theology, but this I know for sure..."God will provide all of my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19.  He is a good, loving, fair, generous Father who longs to pour out on His children.  There are times I wait for answers that never seem to come and there are times I hear no, but I can rest in the truth that He knows best.  And He will always provide what I NEED.  And, if I'm walking in Him and listening to His gentle whispers, He'll even provide what I want...He'll grant me the desires of my heart as I delight myself in Him (Psalm 37:4)!

Thank you, Father, once again for your provision...and the way you prove yourself to our kids!

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