Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Votive Offering: 1st Grade Curriculum

On Sunday my husband was telling about an ancient Hebrew tradition called Votive Offering. Votive offerings "refers to those things that are vowed or dedicated to God...as an expression of reverence or thanksgiving."- Thanks, Orthodoxy Wiki This is my Votive offering or Thank offering:

I have been searching for curriculum for a few months now, researching what will be best for my children.  I knew I wanted something that followed the principles of Charlotte Mason and Leadership Education.  

I didn't care much for My Father's World curriculum a year ago when I was searching out a Kindergarten program, but my philosophy of education has changed so much in a year!  I had settled on their 1st grade curriculum for Isaiah with just a couple supplements for Moriah. I needed reassurance from the Lord that this was the right curriculum for us so that when we get into the thick of it all I can rest in that assurance.  So, I laid a fleece out for the Lord...If this is the curriculum you have for us, would you provide a way to pay for it?  It cost $259 without shipping.  I planned on buying it this weekend at the Greater Home school Convention in Cincinnati which would eliminate any extra taxes and shipping.  

While we were in Arizona my grandma handed me $260!  God had provided the assurance I needed!  

Thank you, Lord, that when I look to You, You answer..even my silly requests!  

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