Thursday, January 3, 2013

You're NOT the Only One!

Have you ever met someone or had a conversation with someone that you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that every word out of his/ her mouth was a word from Jesus to you?  

I had made an appointment to meet with a fellow pastor's wife for coffee today.  I was exhausted and had a strong desire to stay in bed, but I could feel that God was leading me to not cancel this meeting.  I didn't know much about this lovely lady except that we had ministry in common.  When I had set up the meeting this summer I was going through a really hard time in ministry and needed to talk to someone outside of the church.  But, today, because I have been so consumed with Kid's Ministry and Homeschooling, I didn't feel the need to talk about anything else.

From the minute we sat down, Stephanie began saying things to me that were words for me from Jesus. She began telling me about her years of homeschooling(even as a single mom) and how she wouldn't trade them for anything, hardships in the church, her own personal walk with Jesus.  It was as if I was looking in the mirror, yet at someone who had been on the journey much longer.  I had met a kindred spirit.  And, I almost missed it.

Thank you, Jesus, for your sweet whisper this morning to go and for how you ministered to me this through your servant.  Thank you for bringing people into our lives to minister your Grace to us!  

Couldn't help but think about Elijah saying to God, "I'm the only one left..." 1 Kings 19

God gave Elijah exactly what he needed (after sleep and food, of course)....someone for the journey!  He doesn't have to bring people into our lives, but He does it anyway just for our benefit.  Just to let us know we're not the only one left!

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