Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Beautiful Unknown

Most of the time what I think should get noticed goes far unnoticed. Every Mama can empathize with the tinge of pain one sees the victories, the graces, the triumphs, those "aha' moments that just can't be retold.
No matter how big or small, it would be so nice to hear "well done".

When those longings for recognition come, I am so thankful for the voice of His Spirit.  "Isn't this the thrust of the gospel?  To be least?  Isn't that what I came to model for you?" opportunity to be least.

I dodge little feet from hitting the computer screen. Sweet bouncy giggles. Gentle hugs.  Squinty-eyed smiles. I am reminded of the sweet reward which only comes from being least.

I remember the prayer...the prayer of a Mama's heart..."Lord, I want them to see YOU, not me.  Make me invisible.  No more Heather, no more self...just YOU, just your beauty!"

 How grateful I am for how He reminds me.  Just a whisper...gentle words that mean so much...
"Slow down...Rest in me...Be least..."

Today, I choose to stop rushing, slow down and enjoy the in His sweet presence...and be least!  No more fear of making a name for myself, no more "What will they think of me?"...just Him!

Fearless:  Today, instead of getting mad over hurtful words, I choose to give them to my Daddy (Abba Father).  Instead of fearing that I will not be vindicated, I choose to allow Him to take the pain and give me His reassurance.  I am fully His...resting in His love...the fear disappears... 

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