Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Morning Madness

Unpainted walls.  Dishes piled high.  Rotten fruit.  Something smelly in the fridge.  Phone calls.  Christmas decorations packed, but not put away.  4 hungry children.  Speech Therapy.  Grocery shopping.  Bills.  A looming CPR class.  Ballet recital.  Gold and silver glitter sprinkled throughout the house.  Schoolwork.  Tired kids arguing over silliness.

Monday morning.

Where did the weekend go?  How did I not get things put back in order?

Overwhelming...Numb to the joy that awaits this new day.

I have pledged to do the Important, not the Urgent.  "What next, Lord? How do I live it?"

He whispers, that is the important.  The most important AND the most urgent right now.  Grace.  Grace for this moment, each moment today.  Jesus wants to touch every part of this day.

My to-do list did not get done.  Grace happened.  Not perfection, but Grace.  God was glorified.  Everything felt dark...I ran to Him.  Light came.

Fearless:  When the to-do list dares to steal my joy...when I hear, "there is no way you can get it all done!"....stop, pray, surrender. There is a new courage as I rest in Him, One who can order it all.  No more taking back.  Just sweet surrender.  


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