Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fearlessness = Freedom

What if…

What if this journey to fearlessness really changes me and my Type A personality?  Changes how I look at the world? My kids? My husband? My church?  My God? At every step and new venture we take together?

What if…

Schooling didn’t have to be a burdensome checklist hanging over my head, but a way of life…fun, even?  Is it possible for my Type A, legalistic, organization-crazed mind to let loose and allow some fun into our routine?  Our kids might actually enjoy learning and look forward to each new concept presented to them!  This is fearlessness.

What if...

I allowed my house to be messy, even when people “pop in” for a visit? 

I allowed the house to remain “messy” all day and didn’t require everyone to pick up their toys until bedtime?

I stayed in my pj’s all day and didn’t bother with make-up, but enjoyed the freedom of being a Homeschooling Mom?

What if I sat down and held my babes just because I am able instead of cleaning the sink?

I played a game with my kids and we ate peanut butter for dinner…not the “pinned” meal for the day?

I didn’t strive to make everyone happy, pleased with me, but put my family first and chose to raise my kids the way God was calling me to raise my kids?

I didn’t worry about Kid’s Club being a chaotic disaster, but trusted God to teach the children for me and use my meager efforts to plan?

I enjoyed this stage of life as a messy, crazy, focused, stay-at-home Mom….what if I even embraced it and had fun?

I didn’t go running and decided to enjoy the small amount of leftover baby pudge in my mid-section for now?

As I think of these scenarios one word comes to mind…FREEDOM!  Freedom to be who God created me to be.  Freedom to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow or next week or next year.  Freedom to be faithful in the moment.  Freedom to enjoy the moment.

With the absence of fear for Heather comes…FREEDOM! 

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