Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sitting and Resting...This is How I Fight

Sitting at the feet of Jesus....this is where it all begins.  Today has the potential of a fear-filled day.  But, I have experienced a life, days, moments without fear so, with all that is in me, I am going to fight for fearlessness.  As I sit at the feet of Jesus, He gently whispers His love to me.  And, in that love, the fear is gone.  He's got our backs, He's got my kids, their schooling, their friendships, their choices, the things they see & hear. He's got it all and He cares about it all.  He loves my little family of Doyles even more than I can imagine.  In that truth and promise, I will rest today. A day that threatens fear and failure, yet in His love and power, I will rest.

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