Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Listen Up...

At the Discipleship Summit this year Jesus kept telling me in multiple ways to be a better listener...

1. He was a great listener! Isaiah 53-"He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, but he did not say anything."
2. Most of the time when I talk, I regret what I said
3. It's a way to be a servant
4. I can learn alot from other people
5. Listening is the best form of counseling...my response can be prayer!

As the Lord began to challenge me with this, I began asking to help me with questions to ask people...
In the hot tub that afternoon I met an amazing missionary woman who began asking me about my kiddos. Not only did she ask me about their ages, but she also asked what each of their personalities were like. I had to really think about that question. She was genuinely interested in me and it felt amazing!

This is going to take alot of effort, but through the power of the Holy Spirit it can be done! I am trusting that this will change my relationships,  even with my kiddos. I am not a great listener with them. I don't always show them how I value what they have to say!  I am asking the Lord to give me time each day to listen to them!

Holy to the Lord! Even my mouth...my silent mouth!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lola Comes to Visit

Color coordinating girls
A close up :)
Jaime came to visit, too!
Emma's 7th Birthday Party at the Y!
Face painting
Mom worked hard while she was here!
Elijah pondering life at the Discipleship Summit in Wilmot, Ohio
Look at that face!
Elijah enjoyed Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while Mommy worked on Venture Kids planning!

What a blessing it was to be able to go to the Summit this year!  I tried to get out of it because of all of the sickness at home, but I am so glad God didn't let me.  He met me, even though I spent most of the time out of the sessions and in the room with Eli.  
Once again, He reminded me that He is enough...for joyful mothering, sacrifical marriage, victorious living. 

 His Spirit is in me...what more could I need?  I am Holy because of this fact.  

So, I go home in confidence...and with great peace!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

HAPPY EASTER & Zekey turns 3

Happy Easter!!!

We woke up to great excitement over the realization that today was the day Jesus rose from the dead and Zekey was born! :)  Isaiah worked hard on this special birthday crown for our newly 3 year old!
Everyone was happy to pose for pictures....thank you for making Mommy so stinkin' happy!
Big Boy!
Elijah is so loved at Venture!
The birthday boy and his brother rule the nursery!
Teething on Miss Gwen!
The woman who literally brought Elijah into this world....we LOVE our midwife, Rachel!
Awesome friends and partners in ministry!
Our amazing Hawkins family!
New to Venture, but completely apart of the family...the Brodes!
Getting ready for our Easter picture....and, of course, photo bombers!
Ury and Elijah didn't understand what, "Say cheese!" meant!
Zekey's Easter birthday celebration!
A Knight's castle for our little knight!
He loves his baths!

A post-Easter mowhawk!
Moriah woke up with a fever Monday morning....Mommy enjoyed some down time with the princess!
Ury took a selfie!
My 3 Sons
"Mommy, look at me stand up!" Oh dear!
Egg Coloring a few days late

What a blessed week! 

So thankful for Jesus and what He did for us....and, so thankful He gave us sweet Ezekiel Thomas, living up to his name, "God is my strength!"

 Tomorrow we look forward to Lola's arrival!